Tradition from mouth to mouth

In 1933 the great grandfather Tsanos started a tradition that holds up to today, TSANOS baking. The art, secrets and recipes were passed on from one generation to another, where in 1988 young Vangelis, decided to found his own cookie factory, TSANOS factory. The ambitious cookie maker picked up the family tradition by observing his father Vassilis at their bakery in Giannena.

Our goal in TSANOS Cookies is to preserve the traditions, recipes and flavors of our homeland Ipiros. We always use pure and fresh ingredients, extra virgin olive oil and we like to make sure that our friends and their families eat healthy.

We have a large variety of products for all preferences. From Captain John who accompanies his ouzo with sugar free cookies to little Annoula who takes Tsanakia to school for her lunch. In our establishments that are based at Markopoulo Attica we try to improve, create and evolve the real taste!