The Company

Tsanos Bakery was established in 1988. Since then our company has been the leading bakery industry of innovative bakery snacks with the most extended assortment in the Greek Market. Tsanos factory units are fully equipped with the most modern technology producing fresh quality products to consumers every day.


Except from the domestic market Tsanos also exports to many countries all over the world offering :

    • A Wide award-winning product range
    • Certified Quality and authenticity
    • Flexibility and adjustment to the requirements of the foreign markets
    • Continuous investment in innovation and new technologies
    • value for money hygienic bakery snacks in a distinctive, convenience packaging both for Retail & HORECA sector plus Private Label goods

Tsanos currently exports in U.S.A., UK, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands,Serbia, Russia, Dubai, New Zealand, Poland, Norway etc.